Health and Safety Legislation introduced in 2002 requires employees working at height to be trained in the inspection and correct use of their fall arrest equipment. This includes cable systems, ropes, rope grabs, harnesses and lanyards.

The HSE provides the following guidance booklet on fall arrest systems:

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We offer a service to train (free of charge) up to three persons on the day of an annual inspection / test, helping keep your costs of maintenance and training to a minimum. If you require training on a separate occasion to your test date, this can also be arranged.

Uni-Safe Access offer a full training programme for end users on the sites where we install new equipment and on all sites that we maintain or have sufficient knowledge of the equipment.

On completing the training, successful trainees will be issued with a photographic certificate acknowledging their competence.

Training includes
  • Demonstrate the use of PPE equipment
  • Explain reasons for using PPE equipment
  • Explain pre-use safety steps
  • Instruct on maximum wind speed limitations.
The site specific training includes a Step-by-step demonstration of the equipment which could include:
  • Operation of roof trolley
  • Gantry
  • Operation of Cradle
  • Portable Jib & rail systems
  • Fall restraint systems
Plus demonstration of all:
  • Breakdown and Emergency procedures
  • Mechanical safety equipment
  • Electrical safety equipment
  • The correct rigging and de-rigging procedures